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Reduce your monthly business or personal bills with impact.

Lower Your Bills

We specialize in reducing monthly bills, and we've partnered with leading providers of telecom and other business services to help you save money. If you're like most businesses, you're paying more for the commercial services you use, including hidden costs – and you're paying for services you no longer need.

We can negotiate to reduce your monthly telecom, electric, or other supplier bills while you spend your time thinking about how to grow your business. We can also help you reduce your personal monthly bills, including phone, cable, electric, fuel, and more.

Our Method

We lower your monthly bills or you pay us nothing. The more we save you, the more we earn. So you know we'll get to work to save you as much money as we can.

Our fees always ensure that you keep a larger share of the savings than you pay us. When we negotiate your first $1,000 in bills, we charge 40% on the amount we save you.

Then our fee drops to just 30% and never goes back up. For example, if we save you $250 after your first $1,000 in bills, we earn $75 and you pocket $175.

90% Success Rate

We're able to reduce the monthly bills of 90% of our clients, and we're confident we can reduce yours.

3 ways to save with Impact


We can negotiate to reduce your monthly bills - Business or Personal, we will work on it.


We can cancel many types of accounts and subscriptions you no longer use or want.


We can review and negotiate any other bills, including the annual cost of your car and home insurance.

It's easy to save with Impact

Just submit the monthly bills you'd like us to review, and we'll get back to you with an estimate of how much we can save you.

Why overpay any longer?

We'll review your bills free and estimate how much we can save you before you hire us. If you're like most people, you monthly bills include hidden fees you don't even know about.

You're in good hands

When our team of expert negotiators goes to work, you'll be able to relax while we make sure you get the best rates available for every service.

Hassle-free savings

We're so expert at negotiating your bills down that leading service providers actually partner with us to help you save.

Unique double guarantee

Only Impact Bill Reduction gives you this double guarantee: we save you money or you pay us nothing. You'll always receive from 60% to 70% of all the money we save you.

We protect your privacy

All of your customer data is protected by bank-strength encryption, and we will never sell your data or personal information.

3 ways to save with Impact

Sign Up and Submit Your Bills

We'll review them promptly and get back to you with an estimate of how much we can reduce them by.

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